One of Headwater's key areas of experience and expertise is in helping create a path for companies that want to transition ownership to their management teams. We will provide the guidance and financing to make this happen. In addition to providing financial backing, we empower management teams to take a meaningful financial position in the portfolio company.

We have encountered some owners who would like to sell their companies to their management teams or transition them to new owners without going through a broad sales process that would potentially result in private corporate or family information ending up in the wrong hands. Working directly with Headwater allows these owners to explore options discretely as all information is kept confidential and Headwater will not disclose the discussions to outside parties.

In some situations where a successor has not been identified, we can work with the owners to find someone through our broad network who will manage the business and provide the owner a path to retirement.

Headwater often enables the seller or previous owner to retain a financial interest and role in the business. This helps ensure continuity and a smooth transition to the new ownership. Our structure provides the owner a gradual path to full retirement whilst allowing them to participate in the future growth of the business with Headwater.