Partnering with Headwater

Headwater partners with management teams in several ways by:

  1. Assisting management teams in purchasing businesses
  2. Providing growth capital to businesses that have growth opportunities and require further capital in order to execute on them
  3. Providing capital for partner or shareholder buyouts

We have developed a proven philosophy and approach to investing that builds strong relationships with our management partners and creates significant value in our investments.

We believe in letting management operate the business day-to-day and support them by adding value in our areas of expertise or through our senior relationships. This establishes a clear operating environment where we can provide our expertise where requested or required.

We add value in the following ways:

In addition, we have access to the senior executives, entrepreneurs and professionals that form our Founding Partner Group. This group is made up of high net worth individuals from Western Canada who have invested in Headwater but are also available to assist our portfolio companies where there is a good fit.