Headwater Criteria

Headwater is looking to invest in businesses that have strong fundamentals including profitable operations, good margins and defensible competitive positions. Typically we get involved during ownership or shareholder change. These scenarios include succession, divorce, partner buyout, divestitures of entire businesses or divisions, or situations which require growth capital.

Headwater primarily focuses on investment opportunities in Western Canada with the following investment criteria:

We will invest in both minority and majority transactions as long as there is good alignment with the other shareholders and management.

We enjoy working with capable management teams who have a deep knowledge of their businesses and understand the risks and rewards of becoming owners. In all of our investments, we require strong goal alignment with the management team which often includes equity ownership, option plans and other incentives based on success.

We consider ourselves experts in management succession, growth financing, corporate spinouts and acquisitions. We have an excellent track record of financial success and strong management references.